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Zeiss Contarex F-Distagon 16mm f2.8

It was made in 1972 and it was produced in only 150 pieces for the dying Contarex system.
It’s a fisheye lens with a coverage of 180° on the diagonal. 4 filters are incorporated in the revolving turret: UV, Orange, Yellow and Blue. It’s the mother lens of the Rollei and the Contax 16mm f-distagons, with the very same optical formula.

It is so stupidly rare that I’ve lost faith I could ever complete the 16mm f-distagons collection.

Lens info
Focal Length:
Camera Format:
Lens Type:
Lens FOV:
Lens Mount:
Lens Hood:
Filter Type:
Built In
Lens Elements / Groups:
8 / 7
Image Circle:
44 mm
83 x 94 mm
620 g
Years Manufactered:

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