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Voigtlander Color-F-Skoparex 14mm f /3.5

Derived from Mamiya 14mm was made to match Voigtlander QBM bayonet

the Mamiya 10 elements in 7 groups

The lens was a rebranded Mamiya 14mm fisheye for the Voigtlander VSL with QBM mount, it was intended as a cheaper alternative for the 16mm Zeiss F-Distagon f/2.8, and it was also rebranded with a different finish and look for the Rollei cameras. It was part of foolish Rollei policy having a confusion of brands, names etc. It’s full metal construction with apertures going from 3.5 to 16.

It sports a filter turret, the control is nicely built within the hood. I’d like to know which filters were available.

in VR panoramic photography use:

Equidistant projection, effectively a 14,17 mm focal lenght. It gives a 23500 x 11750 panorama on A7R4, can do 6 around, 5 or even 4 with a small overlap, allows a -20 (extreme -30) pitch. at first seems incredibly sharp.

Lens info
Focal Length:
Camera Format:
Lens Type:
Lens FOV:
Lens Mount:
Lens Hood:
Filter Type:
Built In
Lens Elements / Groups:
10 / 7
Image Circle:
44 mm
64 x 56 mm
320 g
Years Manufactered:

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