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Sigma Fisheye Filtermatic 1:2.8 f=16mm Multi-Coated

This is the third 16mm fisheye lens sigma made, and the last of this family. It has the same aspect as the XQ, and the same optical formula, and dials with diamond/shaped rubber. Filter are L-1A , 80A, O-56, Y84. The sample I’ve got has a Nikon mount, and it’s really clear where the lens changed the most. The mount is simpler, and shows a different mechanical approach.

In the last version of the lens family, we see that the Nikon coupling is more cleverly implemented and upgraded if compared to the previous one.

Here is a nice comparison of the lens family evolution, from left to right YS, XQ, and the last filtermatic

I’m looking forward to some info on this lens history. First of all the exact market introduction date…


Lens info
Focal Length:
Camera Format:
Lens Type:
Lens FOV:
Lens Mount:
Lens Hood:
Filter Type:
Lens Elements / Groups:
11 / 9
Image Circle:
Years Manufactered:

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